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Rachel Comery silk blouse


I think that i can safely say that this is the most difficult thing that i have made since making an organza ball dress in 1978! Unfortunately the nature of the material does not show off some of the detail in the photo. It’s silk; purchased for £2.99 a metre at the sewing show. So at that price i just bought 5 metres and would decide how to use it later. There is more to come, but i need a break. Obviously everything is French seams, including the sleeves, and i don’t think i have sewed in a sleeve with French seams before. But that wasn’t the problem…… It is almost impossible to mark the material easily. This meant that everything had to be tailor-tacked, and i even tacked some sewing lines for the front facing.

Since cutting it out, i have made all of the Christmas presents and the blue / green jumper. But it had to be finished at some point and today was the day. The good news is that it fits well, and feels very comfortable and luxurious to wear. Obviously it needs to go with plain trousers or skirts, as some would call it a bit gaudy, but i think that there are lots of things in my wardrobe with which i can wear it – not the least – jeans.

Sewing teaches me patience. At one point i thought of giving up, but am very pleased that i persevered.

With lots of lessons learnt, a short sleeved summer top will follow. No rush though; it’s only January!

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