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Sewing and textiles with Ann

An Indian Theme 2

More non clothing exhibits


I believe that this material is Indian, although I could stand to be corrected. I bought it in Bhutan, and most, but not all of what I bought was Indian. It’s lovely bright, robust cloth, easy to sew and quite easy to work with designs as it has a straight pattern. It frays, but I can work with that.

So photographed above you can see a belt, of which about 3 exist in total, a glasses case and the iPad cover. The glasses case was a prototype modelled on one that I bought in a craft shop in New Zealand. Although the template is not far off right, I would construct it differently in future. And I say ‘the’ iPad cover as there is only one and it goes everywhere. It is in constant use. I had made it within about 15 minutes of getting the iPad home!

In the same fabric, but never photographed, i have gifted a cushion cover and a set of placemats and coasters. And there is more fabric left.

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