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Sewing and textiles with Ann

The Jodhpur Collection – high waisted dress

More material purchased in Jodhpur, India. You won’t see another dress like this one, I don’t think. I’m not sure what to make of this dress. It’s well sewn. Part … Continue reading

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This garment wasn’t planned. For the first time ever, I bought Prima magazine, mainly because it had a free pattern that looked to be comparatively easy. Even when I bought … Continue reading

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The Jodhpur Collection – zip fronted blouse

As you will see, this isn’t about making jodhpurs. It’s so named because I bought a load of fabric, mainly in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, and this is my first make … Continue reading

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More summer pyjamas

A quick pair of summer pyjamas in well under a weekend. The top incorporates the material from my winter pyjamas made late last year. I kept it deliberately. I debated … Continue reading

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Working with lingerie

Finished, but not easy. You know that sometimes people tell me how clever they think I am when they learn that I have made something myself. Often it was really … Continue reading

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Black jacket and top

It’s hard to know how best to present these latest creations. They probably look best on me, but being short of a good photographer to capture any such images, here … Continue reading

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