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Black jacket and top


It’s hard to know how best to present these latest creations. They probably look best on me, but being short of a good photographer to capture any such images, here they are on my sewing dummy. The jacket is a loose fitting, smart but casual jacket from a Vogue pattern, classed as Average, which means that somewhere in the pattern there is something difficult to sew! This wasn’t too bad as long as you get the markings right and then use them, so I guess the difficult part is in the dress – watch this space. I have got the material, but don’t know when I will sew it.

I found the material on the market for £1 a metre, so I bought 3 metres. Total cost so far, £2!! In many ways the material is just right. It has a slight stretch, so the whole thing is sewn with a stretch stitch, and it did mean that I could just roll a hem around the neck and armholes of the top, which wouldn’t have been possible without the stretch. It washed OK and it doesn’t look as it its going to fray. Which is good, because certainly the seams are a ‘feature’ of the jacket, so I have just left them, as stitched , unfinished. Getting the markings right is quite important with the jacket, but it marked easily, and they press out quite easily with the iron. And the fabric presses easily, which would have made sewing a pain if that hadn’t been the case. Its a sort of net, and I was careful to tack many of the seams to ensure that the material stayed where it was meant to be.

I have just made the top this morning, as I had plenty of material. It has to be worn over a little sun top, being vey see-through, but I think that the whole set services to nicely cover up the body’s imperfections on a nice day! And it will all travel well.

So, a success so far. I just need to find opportunities to wear it all now. And to make the dress that goes with the jacket.

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This entry was posted on April 6, 2014 by in Fashion.
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