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The Jodhpur Collection – high waisted dress

photo 2

More material purchased in Jodhpur, India. You won’t see another dress like this one, I don’t think.

I’m not sure what to make of this dress. It’s well sewn. Part of me wants to love it. The pattern arrived on Friday; I cut it out on Saturday and I have finished it today. I told a friend last night that I was pretty much a standard size round the bust and hips, but I had to be careful with designs that emphasised the stomach, as it’s not my best part! So a high waisted dress fits the bill. It’s fine on the shoulders, sleeves and bust, but after that it gets BIG. I guess that it will be good for work on quite warm days. We’ll see how the proposed matching jacket is going to work with it….

When I made the Jodhpur blouse, which I still love, I commented on the fabric, and particularly the relationship between the pattern and the grain. What a night mare this time.

photo 5
I call this picture, the fight between the grain and the design. And the grain has to win, or the garment won’t drape properly. If you look (very) carefully you will see that the selvedges of the fabric are some distance apart from one another. It means that however hard I try, I am not going to get a good fabric match right around the garment. But I tried. Below I am trying to match the sleeve to the front bodice.

photo 3
Actually, it’s not a bad match on the completed garment.

Other than having initially been horrified that I had half a flower at the centre front, I’m broadly pleased with the technical result. The actual centre front was meant to be plain, with the flowers on either side. As I had hoped, now it’s finished, I don’t think that particularly matters, as its the overall effect that is seen.

The bodice is lined, and appears to be quite comfortable to wear. The neck line is under-stitched and sits nicely. I used my sewing form to even out and pin the gathers, which took some time, but hopefully gave better result than if I hadn’t done it that way.


It’s not a pretty picture but partially sewn clothes don’t always make for pretty pictures! But it does show that in fact, the pattern match isn’t bad.

My next Jodhpur challenge has quite a small pattern. I wonder how easy that will be? I think I’ll tackle the matching jacket first though. This time with British fabric from Birmingham’s own Cotton Patch.

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