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And now i have a new bag


I bought this pattern years ago with the intention of using it with leftover material. Maybe I did not read everything that I should have read when I bought the pattern, but each bag needs quite a bit if material, and its rare that I have left overs big enough. So I had never used the pattern until today. Even then I had to go out and buy a matching fabric in order to have enough to make a bag.

One of the joys of sewing, and especially things like this, is that it is easy to play with the ideas and create something completely unique. So mine is a two sided bag, with opposite contrasts on each side, and I have used different handles to those in the pattern picture. This is partly because I could not source black, round handles, and partly because I thought that this design would be easier to use.



So here are the back and front views. One of the fabrics is my recent tunic material, and the other was from the same market stall. I knew that he had contrasting colours and that this idea would work.

My final adjustment was to use wadding inside the lower bag section. That seems to work; I would probably do the same again.

Lessons learnt, neither of which anyone would spot of I didn’t admit to it, but I used some elastic which is even older than the pattern and its not very stretchy. And one of the bag handles is the wrong way round.

Its been some while collecting together the ‘parts’ for this, but it took less than 4 hours to make.

Now I need to find some funky dancing fabric and a friend will get one for her birthday – with new elastic, both handles the right way round and wadding in the lower section. Whether it is two sided or not, will depend on what fabric I can find.

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