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Sorbetto top


The cold weather might have arrived, but I’ve just made a summer top. I saw the fabric on Goldhawk Road and loved it, and I am going to warmer climes for a couple of weeks next month, so…….

I used the pattern that was free to download from Love Sewing Issue 4, but didn’t apply the narrow tucks as suggested. In fact, I think I have made it as per the original design. I’m pleased that I did as I have a straight line of upward facing butterflies right down the front, which is just right. The fun was in working out how to embellish it. Eventually I used some narrow lace purchased on the market, both on the edge of the fold and around the neck. I debated about the neck line. The lace was pinned in place on my dummy for over a week, and eventually I opted in favour and sewed it in place with a very slow and careful machine stitch. I also opted to make my own bias binding; something that I have now done several times. As with one or two other simple techniques, how did I ever manage without knowing how to do this? So the lovely blue binding that i bought at Guthrie Ghani can wait for another project. There is spare fabric. I think I know what it is going to be.


The detail.

Much as I love the top and look forward to wearing it, I did have a huge problem and will not be using the pattern again. The arm hole is just totally the wrong shape and gaped hugely. Even if I’d cut a size or two smaller, it would still have been the wrong shape. Hoping that the binding would lessen the gaping, I pressed on. It was a bit better, but still not very wearable. So I just stitched a tuck dart in each armhole, and now it fits lovely. I’m not sure that it would work if it was stitched, or even pre-cut, rather than tucked. But hey, I have loads of summer tops, so I don’t really need another from this pattern. I have my basic top block pattern that I could adjust if I wanted to do something similar again.

2 comments on “Sorbetto top

  1. Oh! I have thought of trying this pattern. Thanks for the warning about the armholes.

    • ann hebden
      February 18, 2015

      Linda, Thank you for your comment. I have read other feedback since that also had top adjust the armholes.

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