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What a pretty dress!

Prima dress front2

I’ve moved my dress form to get a different background!

As always there is a story, and quite a few of them start with ‘I bought this fabric with a different project in mind….’ It was originally intended as one of the fabrics for the Marcy Tilton colour blocked dress, but I had only been in two shops when I concluded that finding two suitably matching fabrics in the right colours and right weight was going to be prohibitively difficult, so I had 1.1m of comparatively expensive fabric sat in my fabric stash. Then I thought I would have a go at Jennifer Lauren’s Bronte top. I started with a (knitted) muslin version, and found that one of the shoulders refused to sit flat. I still don’t really know what to do about it…., but needles to say, the comparatively expensive fabric remained in the stash.

This dress is from the free Prima pattern from which I have already made 2 tunics. The body needed almost exactly 1.1m of fabric. (Sorry, but I didn’t iron my pattern pieces!!)

Prima dress layout2

So the omens were looking good, except that I wanted sleeves as well. So I rushed back to Guthrie-Ghani to find that they had another 60cm left, but probably not for much longer. So the sleeves and bias cut neck binding came out of the 60 cm.

It’s quite light weight jersey and was quite difficult to line up to cut on the grain. The pattern helped. Although my cutting board is shown in the picture, that was the only part that I cut with the rotary cutter. If I’d moved the board, the line up of the fabric would have needed fixing, so the rest was cut with scissors.

It’s not all that clear in the pictures, but there is elasticated casing in the front and back dress, causing it to gather and hang nicely.

Prima dress back

It’s quite a nice style for my figure and will be so easy to wear. It should travel well as well, so I can see it getting quite a lot of wear between now (well not today; its cold and wet today, but we’re told it is going to get warmer) and, let’s say, September.

It was quite difficult getting the hem right. The front is longer than the back, so I left it that way, and basically pinned the hem a bit by using the pattern and mainly by eye, as I found that the hemming thing on the dress form wasn’t much help. Normally I couldn’t live without it!

This is not the cheapest garment that I have made. The fabric cost about £25, but is perfect for this design. I think I have found the right pattern for this part of my fabric stash!

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