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Back to work shirt


Yes, this is another shirt, finished just in time to go back to work. It is from Katherine Tilton’s Butterick 6062, which I chose because I had read some good reviews. And the reviews are right. Its a lovely crisp shirt, but with a difference, as it has lots of little tucks to give it shape. It comes together really well, and the tucks are not too difficult.

The fabric is the same Paul Smith shirt fabric that I used to make another shirt about 3 weeks ago. It was bought at the NEC with no particular pattern in mind other than to make shirts, so I bought 3 m. I’ve got two shirts out of it so far; that’s £9 per shirt + 8p per button. Brilliant value! There was enough to get some sort of dress out the what was left. I spent some time hunting for patterns for a shirt dress, particularly the Lisette pattern, but it seems to be out of print. However, I felt that I had to be careful with my choice of dress pattern, or else I was going to end up with something that looked like a nurse’s uniform. So, with work getting closer every day, I opted for the shirt and a bit left over! I’m pleased that I did.

Having made several shirts recently, I am almost making them in my sleep…. There were just two ‘challenges’. One was working out where I had put the buttons that I bought, as I had bought enough for two shirts. They weren’t in my button box. I was almost ready to rush into town and spend £2.50 to park to spend 48p on buttons (!), when luckily I found them on the shelf next to my button box, along with a small stock of buttons for self-covering. So that saved £2.02 and a bit of precious time.

The other ‘challenge’ was the fact that its necessary to mark the tucks on the outside of the fabric, fold wrong sides together and sew a 2mm seam. With my recent scares over marking tools, I wasn’t sure the best way to mark. I had purchased a water soluable marking pencil recently, so I tested and then used that for most of the tucks.

As you can see, I folded the pattern along the fold line, lined up a ruler and pencilled in the line.

Then I decided that was all a bit of a ‘faff’, and just used my wax marking paper and trace wheel.

With the pencil lines it was easier to determine the ‘inside’ end of the line, as I had marked that and then joined the two ends. With the wax traced markings, I could see the line better, but it was harder to determine the inside end. The inside end is quite important, so I think that the pencil method was better.

I have quite a good eye for measurements, so sewing 2mm seams wasn’t too difficult. They were all sewn with no back stitch from the outer end, in, where I did back stitch to finish. The outer ends would all be covered by seams and overlocked finishing. I overlocked the edges after doing the tucks. I washed the shirt as soon as it was finished, and I cannot see any tuck marks. Mind you, once it was made up, I couldn’t see them before I washed it either!

I look forward to wearing the shirt, and may look for more similar fabrics to make some more work shirts. Maybe a pink, sleeveless one would be nice!

So just to say that I am wearing my new Moneta today, and it is great. Its fits perfectly. I wont be adding miniscule amounts to the back for another version.

And also to say that I expect to start a contract on Thursday, which will bring an end to the regular sewing that I have been able to do over the past few weeks and months. But as a result I have loads of new clothes to wear, and I am looking forward to that, as well as going back to work.

Happy sewing to you all. I’ll be back soon.


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