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Georgia blouse

DSCN2119This is the Georgia blouse from New Look 6107, free with July’s Sew magazine. I really enjoyed making it, and am hoping I will enjoy wearing it.

It’s made in ivory polycotton from Minerva Crafts, deliberately plain so that it will go with my many patterned summer skirts, and even my patterned summer trousers. You can just see my newest Ultimate Trousers underneath, and they were part of the inspiration for the make.

I have decided that I enjoy ‘constructing’ clothes – matching this dot to that dot; folding here and gathering there. At least I enjoy it if all of the dots and lines to cut are clear. And these were all clear, all carefully marked, as advised by Vie Millard in the magazine (although I would do that anyway) and then all carefully matched, especially at the point where the tie and the blouse front meet / part company. And it all came together really well and looks clean, crisp and rather romantic. I found some nice pearl buttons on the market, and had some white lace in stock, which I used on the yoke edges. It looks lovely.

I was rather afraid that it was going to be too small – after all of my creative planning and dot matching. In fact, its the careful dot matching that ’caused’ that fear. I quite often don’t stitch the full seam allowance, so some of my clothes are probably slightly larger than they are supposed to be, but the only way to make this is to go with the markings and associated seam allowances, and, oh dear, is it going to be too tight? I hatched half a plan for a side seam insert. But I didn’t need it. I stitched on the buttons before inserting the sleeves and tried it on again. It was OK, but I am not used to close fitting garments, so I did take a bit out of the side seams. But an insert wasn’t necessary. If I decide I need a bit more space after a few wears, I can always take out the back darts.

I also took Vie’s advice about finishing the neck tie and cuffs by hand stitching rather than stitching in the ditch. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think that such a process existed 40 years ago. You always finished facings with tidy hand stitches.

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