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A blouse from vintage fabric

To be honest, I don’t know the origins of the fabric, other than it was in Mum’s fabric box. (Yes, my Mum had boxes of fabric, so am I allowed them too, as an inherited trait?) I don’t recall Mum ever wearing anything from the fabric, and it was close to some fabric that I know belonged to Grandma. So I am guessing that Grandma bought this too – probably on Sheffield market, and, it could have been up to 40 years ago. There were two lengths; one about 2m and the other over 1m.

Its viscose, which might have presented some sewing challenges, so I was after a relatively simple pattern that would have few seams, and show off the buildings on the fabric. It proved to be quite stable fabric and sewed up well, and hangs nicely.

I selected McCalls 7629 – simple and quite possibly suitable for multiple use.

Exactly which design I made would depend on what I could get out of the 2m length! As you will see, I ended up making a collar-less long sleeved version.


I often lay out my pattern pieces on the fabric in the evening and then cut out the next day. I had just started to cut when it occurred to me that the fabric might have a direction. I had assumed it to be multi-directional, but it wasn’t; and i had laid out the pieces upside down. Luckily, despite having cut half the front section, I was able to turn everything round and still get it out of the same length of fabric.

For once, I sensibly marked the cuffs on the right side of the fabric. Everything gets marked on the wrong side normally, and then I lose the button hole and button markings when the cuffs are sewn up. Then, seeing the markings, I stupidly ironed the interfacing to the right side (!), and couldn’t get it off easy. So I scrapped the cuffs and cut them from the second piece of fabric.

I forgot to shorten the sleeves. I always have to take about 5cm off sleeves. I’m wearing them now, and actually they are ok when you have your arms bent, either typing or driving.

The blouse is easy to make up, and doesn’t have a sleeve placket. I hate sewing sleeve plackets. So fiddly. The cuffs fasten at the end of the sleeve seam. Much better!

But whilst making it up, I noticed a biro mark somewhere on the front. Is that why there is an extra metre? Grandma noticed this before she bought, and was given an extra metre. I’ll never know. It is barely noticeable, merging reasonably well into the fabric design. I’m looking for it now, and I can’t find it! If I decide that I cant live with it, I will cover it with a butterfly. The butterfly will be more obvious I think. If you can find it, please don’t tell me!

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