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Holiday Tunic #so50visible20

I made this, first, because I thought I needed it, and secondly, in response to a challenge set by #sewover50, to use patterns modelled by people who appear to be over 45! I was going to make it anyway, and it fitted the criteria. It’s a hacked version of the Maker’s Atelier, Holiday Top. So that’s a second use of my £25 pattern!

I’m not sure that it will be entered to the #so50visible20 challenge, because I don’t use Instagram. I don’t use Instagram because I don’t have regular (any) access to a decent photographer, but the challenge has prompted me to have a look around the house for somewhere to take time delayed photos, with a decent background. And ‘voila!’ But having ‘plenty of time to myself’ right now means that my forthcoming holiday, for which I made the tunic, has been cancelled!

The hack –

I have lengthened the holiday top to tunic length, sewing the seams right to the hem, rather than leaving a side seam slit.

I shortened the sleeves a tad, and then added a flounce.

I stitched trimming right round the waist line (my waist line; not necessarily the one marked on the pattern…) and then used it as a casing for narrow elastic, all the way round. The trimming meets at the side seam where the elastic is inserted.

The sleeve and flounce seam is finished  with the same trim.

It should travel OK and the initial impression is that it is going to be easy to wear. It would be great to slip on for dinner after a day out walking. Maybe next year. I, like most sewists, I guess, insist on ironing, but this doesn’t need ironing! Even I can resist. Worn above with the Maker’s Atelier pencil skirt from The Essential Collection book.

So here are two ‘old style’ pictures, including a #so50flatlay image, as suggested by the challenge. You might notice that I made a matching hairband shown right at the top of the picture. I do that from time to time and then rarely wear them!

Apart from the fact that I’ve recently been creating holiday clothes that don’t look as if they are going to be used in the foreseeable future, I can see further hacks of this pattern coming in useful.

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