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GBSB Japanese style top No. 2

I suppose that this is another example of ‘making a garment from a book that I already own’, The GBSB From Stitch to Style, but that’s not how it came about. I bought fabric that I didn’t need when I ordered the shirting for the new Marcy Tilton blouse. It’s single jersey, and very much my colours. So then I had the relatively rare situation of a fabric lead ‘make’, with a distinctively patterned fabric that demanded a garment with few seams. But not perhaps, a pattern that showed off the exact detail of the fabric. Fabric from Fabworks Mill.

Hence using the GBSB Japanese style top pattern for a second time. I wear the first version reasonably frequently. It travels quite well, and the sleeve design doesn’t limit the choice of over-garments as much as I thought it might. And its quite a quick make; I did most of the sewing on the overlocker whilst I was waiting for a friend to phone me!

The book would appear to be sold out; the only link I could find was asking over £100 for a copy. If you have a copy or see one, treasure it!

It does need cutting from a single layer, which means laying it out on the lounge floor. I really dislike cutting out on the lounge floor. I am getting too old to be crawling around on the lounge floor. It was only after I had cut it out that I noticed a small hole in the fabric; and it hadn’t been marked as faulty. It’s somewhere under the back arm hole. I decided to patch it on the inside and make a few stitches to secure the hole to the patch. After i’d done that I never saw it again until I pressed the finished garment. I couldn’t even find it when I looked for it. So hopefully only you and I will ever know about it! And by ‘pressing’, I mean a light covering of steam.

The result is lightweight, drapes well and interesting if you like that type of thing! For the pictures i teamed it with my denim skirt which i made some years ago and have worn loads. If yet another top that i didn’t really need is worn just as much, it will have been a worthwhile effort. I’m still wearing it now, so that’s a good start.


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