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Me Made May 2020

I haven’t seen anything about Me Made May this year. Maybe I’ve missed something somewhere. I can understand that committing to a me-made wardrobe for a month might not be some people’s priority, but I live on my own, have recently retired and relish my annual wardrobe review. This year will not only be a focus on things I don’t wear all that frequently, but also on the sewing that I did over the winter and early weeks of retirement which were designed for several forthcoming holidays and various new roles that I had signed up / volunteered for. Needless to say, none of these anticipated changes to my life style happened.

But if I am in the house on my own, it doesn’t really matter what I wear. I’d like to think that even my leisure garments have some style, so let’s see where I get to! I will wear something, quite possibly more than one thing, ‘me made’ every day. And you may notice that I have found yet another location in the house for self photos. Whilst I don’t intend to take a picture every day; that was never what Me Made May was about, I have the time, so may take the opportunity more than previously.

Let’s cheat by starting with April 30th, which these days, is no different to May 1st!


It features a viscose top that I didn’t really need, but loved the fabric when I saw it one year during SewBrum in Barry’s. The back is longer, so it lives in a different part of my wardrobe to my other spring tops – so it doesn’t get worn all that often. It’s great for a spring day in 2020! And the skirt – I made it for holidays 2 – 3 years ago, and I think I may have worn it twice, and never blogged it. I certainly remember wearing it one evening in Pokhara, Nepal. So time to get it out of my wardrobe and wear it in the house. It’s not a shapely outfit, but it works, and adds to the wear of both garments. Actually, that fabric is from Barry’s as well.

May 1st


Quite the opposite to yesterday; I wear both these garments quite regularly. The Marcy Tilton trousers featured in a blog post only a couple of weeks ago. The top is more of a surprise that it has lasted and been well worn. The fabric was bought at a fabric retailer in Rajasthan 6 years ago, and the design idea derives from an exhibition at the Fabric and Textile Museum. Most of the other fabric that I bought in Rajasthan is either not often worn, or has already gone to the charity shop.

Actually, I’ve been following this ethos ever since lockdown started. Let’s hope lockdown might have ended by the end of May. Quite honestly, I’ve had enough of it. Me Made May is also something to occupy my head.

See you again soon!

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