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Scrap busting purse

I haven’t finished with the green twill yet….. When i blogged the jacket and rucksack i didn’t know that there was more to come. I probably didn’t even know that i needed a new purse, but i did.

I copied my old one, which consists of a series of rectangles, bound together with bias binding. And i happened to have a zip in stock of the right length and a suitable colour.

It’s not the tidiest of finishes, but the original wasn’t that tidy either. Everything fits; that’s what matters most.

The biggest challenge was trying to control the thickness of fabric. There are places where there are 5 – 6, and possibly more, layers of fabric. And no needle likes pushing its way through all of that. So two layers are made from robust cotton woven at Quarry Bank Mill and used mainly for tea towels last Christmas.

I started with some narrow brown bias binding, partly because i had quite a lot of it, and it worked with the green fabric. But as my fabric layers grew, so i needed some wider bias binding. I had to go to the shop for the green binding, costing me 20p per metre, meaning that, because i already had everything else, and was mainly using scraps, the purse cost me just over 20p.

Not bad if it’s going to last as long as my old purse!

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