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Two weeks, one pattern

There used to be, maybe there still is, an annual event called One Week, One Pattern, where you identified a pattern that you had made a number of times, and wore versions of that pattern throughout the week. I chose a pattern for a straight skirt, of which i had made 7 versions. One for each day.

Well, i think my Lark jumpers and T-shirts would stretch to two weeks now, as two more have just joined the flock. Although they are not all suitable to be worn at the same time of year…… It’s has become a staple Spring, Autumn and Summer pattern.

Whilst i always say that i am ‘pattern lead’, as in, ‘i need a new jumper; i’ll make one’, these are, of course, ‘fabric lead’, as in, ‘I don’t really need a new jumper, but i like that fabric, so i will buy it and make yet another jumper!’.

The butterfies came from FabWorks Mill Shop found whilst browsing all things online at the start of lockdown, and the colourful buildings are from Barry’s, bought shortly after it re-opened. I already have some colourful buildings in both a Lark jumper and a Marcy Tilton jacket. They have both been worn quite a lot, and as this fabric is a slightly different range of colours, i decided that a new jumper would compliment the existing range! (Excuses, excuses, i know, but guess what i am wearing right now…… the new jumper.) So here they are together:

This is only the second boat neck version that i have made. My favourite is definately the V neck version, but as my other similar jumper is V necked, i thought i’d just make sure that this one was a bit different.

I have also made an Oliver and S Lunch Box Tee from the butterfly ‘left overs’. Both garments needed ‘placing’ so that the butterflies were in sensible positions. The Lunch Box Tee is newly purchased, as Littl’Un is growing out of the Oliver and S School Bus Tee, and i thought it should be replaced with something more feminine, maybe even with pockets, as she may now have things to put into her pockets, although there are no pockets on this version. It is made from leftovers, after all.

Lunch Box Tee

The colourful jumper also served a very useful purpose of something quick and familiar to make to get me back into sewing, after a period of poor concentration. And now i have re-started, i don’t seem to be able to stop, as most other things, i just don’t want to think about right now!

Then at the weekend i went for a walk, as, it seemed, did half of Birmingham, even though it is getting to be quite cold. Woolly hats were in evidence. So i decided that i could probably squeeze a hat out of the leftovers of the ‘buildings’ fabric. I bought K3543 last winter to make a hat to match my newest coat, so it was great to be able to use it a second time. It took about half hour, maybe 45 mins to make it on the overlocker. So here is the result!

Well this has been a fairly wide ranging post, covering five items. I must admit, i wasn’t expecting that when i started, especially the hat.

One comment on “Two weeks, one pattern

  1. Lee
    November 18, 2020

    Nice tee shirts!

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