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Butterfly jacket

A new favourite maybe. The butterfly material was bought at the show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago, and the lining is a luxurious paisley pattern (not bought at the NEC). The hardest part was working out how to cut it out so that I had complete butterflies at the front. I could have bought metres of material and tried to get matching patterns all the way round, a la S/S 13, but I am not really sure that it would have been worth it. Splattered butterflies works ok. And it was such a joy to work with cotton again – it cuts easily, sews easily and presses where you want it to stay. It will crumple when it travels, but I will get to like it crumpled. It will be like real butterfly wings!
And there is enough lining material left for a simple blouse to go with it. I ordered the pattern today, so watch this space.

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