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Simple top to match jacket


Made from lining material left over from making the butterfly jacket. Hence the small butterfly embellishment. The pattern said ‘very easy’. Two hours to make. It took me about twice as long. The most difficult part was adjusting the pattern to ensure that the top went nicely underneath the jacket, which meant adjusting the neck line and associated pattern bits. Then, as the material is very prone to fray, all seams had to be French, which of course means approximately twice as long to make! At the back it fastens with a small rouleaux loop and a button the same as fastens the jacket. The paisley pattern makes the top plain, but not totally simple. It should go with lots of other outfits, as well as the butterfly jacket.

One comment on “Simple top to match jacket

  1. Iva
    April 21, 2013

    A white top is my choice in many occasions, it is so elegant and beautiful.

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