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Is it a blouse or a jacket?

Time will tell whether I wear it as a blouse or a jacket. Maybe both.
More fabric bought in Nepal, although I understand that it is Indian in origin. The patterned part that is. I decided that having the facing in the same material would be too hard to look at, so I chose a plain contrast. ‘Yes’, I did deliberately cut the pattern to just about follow through across the facing. The plain material was my first time buying fabric online. It must always be potentially tricky trying to match colours online, but I’m reasonably pleased with the results. In fact, after an error on the part of the supplier, I may now have enough to make a skirt that matches the facing. Is there a danger then that I end up with a smart outfit in a casual style?
So those are my comments on the design front. What about the sewing? Is it just me that hates doing button holes, even though my machine has a fancy foot that seems to only work about 1 in every 3 attempts? After many tries I still haven’t worked out what causes it to succeed or fail. Any hints gratefully received, and I was careful about the fabric thickness behind the foot as it reverses.
I actually completed the majority of this garment a couple of weeks ago, but I saved the button holes until last. Thanks for a good old ‘quick unpick’. Conscious that the hardest button hole to sew would be the one on the neck facing, I eventually abandoned attempts to sew the hole in favour of a button on the front and a press stud behind it. When it’s fastened, you can’t tell. Sensible solution I think.
Now to go and see which skirt pattern is going to work for the remaining facing fabric.

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