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There is nothing like a change to the repertoire. I have never done this before. I admit I started with a (rather expensive) knicker making kit. Although a little scared of pulling the elastic whilst attaching it, I have now learnt to that I can safely stretch it as far as it will go, and will get a good result. The rest is easy and a great way to use up bits of material. The flowery ones came with the kit. I created the gingham ones. And every time I use the pattern the cost is spread across each pair.

The pattern is multi sized, so I will be able to do the same for friends. Watch out close to Christmas. It won’t be fleecy hats and gloves this year!

I can see two limitations: I can’t use material that won’t wash well, and I have quite a lot of that spare. Secondly, I spent a while trawling the Internet to find a source of knicker elastic. In fact I’ve bought some online from the same place that supplied the pattern, but, like the pattern, it wasn’t cheap, and that is not a cost that is spread across each pair made. But what does it matter?Although you can buy knickers cheaper in multi packs, these are unique, and there is no price on a unique pair of knickers!

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