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Pyjama bottoms

Back again. I have been busy sewing since I was last on All my own work, but it’s been pretty much the same things all the time. The secret to be revealed at some stage. Anyway, I went back to sewing clothes this weekend, having seen some sweet material in the market that is suitable for pyjamas. It may not be clear from the photo, but there are ladybirds crawling all over the flowers. They may be quite ‘little girl’ but the joy is that very few people will see them, other my kind blog followers, so I can be as little girly as as want in bed. They should wash and travel easily, which these days is quite important.

I thought that I could probably rustle up a pair of trousers in an afternoon. The jacket may take a little longer. You will see it when it’s done.

For the technical among you, as you should with nightwear, I used felled seams where I could. Made easier by with an iron and pins on the ironing board. I often do that. Then I realised that I couldn’t really sew a felled seam on the last seam that created the legs, so I had to unpick and do a French seam. So all the edges are tidily hidden.

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This entry was posted on October 6, 2013 by in Fashion.
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