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Pyjama Top

As promised last week, here is the matching pyjama top. I hope it’s not too over-powering when I put the two together.

As always, here’s a summary of the trouble I have had, despite Butterick insisting that this is easy to sew.

Button hole trouble again. I unpicked about 6 and sewed about 5. I even had the instruction book out at one stage to work out what I was doing wrong. Answer: nothing. I still don’t understand why the button hole foot doesn’t always work.

And fabric….. Ok, I did pay not a lot of money for it on the market. Or was it the iron? I did need to rush out yesterday, after something of a small of burning coming from the iron, and purchase a new one. On a couple of occasions it seems to have shrunk the fabric when steamed. Putting the buttons on has overcome the problems on the front, but I ended up completely scrapping one sleeve and starting again.

I know you are supposed to wash and iron the fabric before starting, but this is a practice that I have regularly not done, except for material bought in Asia. Maybe I should have done it this time. I slightly fear washing it, but then again, it will probably soften a little and be alright. And anyway, it’s so wet this weekend, that if I had washed the material it still wouldn’t have been dry and ready to sew!

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