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Fancy t-shirt

Well, if you really have been watching this space since I finished my previous blouse from this material, then you’ve been waiting a long time. The material was so difficult to sew, and worst, it’s not possible to mark the material. So I had to make something quite simple with the left overs. Which is what I have done here. And anyway, material like this doesn’t really demand a complicated pattern.

I did buy the ribbon specially, although at the time I was intending to use a different pattern and make something different. But it would have needed marking. The only marks here are for the pocket position, and I just stuck a pin through the pattern and positioned the pockets where the pin was. Easy!

There’s no more of this material left now………

15th March 2014

A bit of an unexpected update about this one. It would seem that this material is Indian, and is not silk as I was lead to believe. I’ve just returned from India, having been told by two people that the material is Indian, and indeed, cheap! I was quoted a rate of about 130 rupees a metre. As I paid £2.50 per metre in the UK, that is a fair price, but not the bargain that I was lead to believe that I was getting. Anyway, the top went down very well in India, and having just got home I can confirm that it washes and irons very well too.

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