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Lace top


Well, I’m very proud of this……. It looks really good!

It is made from lace over black satin. The lace was bought from a sari roll in Kathmandu. I’ve had to think quite carefully what do with it, and the how to sew it, and now I am pleased with the results.

The method derives from some instructions for a party dress in a magazine, where the top section was tacked into the satin backing and machine stitched as one piece of fabric. It worked brilliantly, as I would never have been able to wear it without a lining, or sew it without a backing. In this case I have made the bottom section the same way, partly because it’s complicated to put in the zip if you don’t, and if I hadn’t stitched it as one piece I would have had to hem the lace, and I was a bit scared to do that. I was careful to catch only the satin when hand stitching the hem, which is a good thing, because a good press (and the material doesn’t press well) has made the hem hang better.

Now I need a few parties at which to wear it. For once, it’s the right time of year.

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