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Red embellished jacket

The idea for this jacket comes from a jacket in Monsoon, but this doesn’t look a bit like the source of inspiration. I guess that’s good.

So, I’ve had the material in stock for months. It was meant for a blouse, but wouldn’t have worked very well for that purpose. It’s too stiff, and in fact, it’s stiffer than I intended for the jacket. But the weight does work for the finished product. I’ve amended a basic pattern by squaring off the top of the front and adding pockets. The whole idea was to embellish the jacket. And so began a hunt for trimmings. I had three options in the end, although I only found option 3 after I had already added one of the options at the back.

I’m not sure what inspired the bow at the back, but I had the idea whilst on a train to London, a place for much of my creative thinking – amazingly! Not only is it a novel idea, but it looks quite slimming from the rear. I’ve been trying to work out which other garments might benefit from trimmings between princess seams at the back, with the same effect.
I may yet add more embellishments, as there are still vast swathes of red with the potential to be covered. However, I will need to be careful. The bow was stitched on by hand before adding the lining. But now it’s lined, adding embellishments will be from the outside only and will therefore have to be by hand and neat. I’ll see. It’s perfectly wearable as it is.
I hope you agree.

2 comments on “Red embellished jacket

  1. sewinggoddess
    January 12, 2014

    it’s really cute. has some sixties feeling to it (which is meant as a compliment:)

    • ann hebden
      April 21, 2014

      THank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my blog. I love the jacket but I still haven’t worn it.

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