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Chambray trousers (for my holidays)


And since I last posted, I have made these trousers this afternoon. There is a small element of urgency as I want them for my holidays, which, although some weeks off, I may not have the time to make them if I don’t do it now.

A bit of a story. Some of you will know who Lauren Guthrie is. She was one of the stars of the first version of The Great British Sewing Bee. I knew she was relatively local and that she had since opened a shop. What I didn’t find out until just before Christmas, was that the shop is in Moseley; only about 3 – 4 miles from where I live. So I went to see what Guthrie – Ghani had for sale. So, to cut the story, Lauren recommended this material. I’m quite pleased. They will go with almost anything and should be lovely and comfortable and easy to wear.

The drawback…. If I don’t buy my material abroad, I buy it at a ‘pile it high, and sell it cheap’ shop in Birmingham, or on the market. Fabric costs a lot more at Guthrie – Ghani. It’s possible I could buy some vaguely similar trousers for the same sort of price. But I probably won’t find vaguely similar trousers.

So thank you Lauren.

I like the cut of this pattern. It’s possible I may amend my trouser pattern block cut using this pattern, and even re-cut the black trousers. I did a bit of experimenting with the patterns last night and I think it might work.

And I think more quick trousers for holidays may follow.

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