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Yet another way with sari material…..

Yet another way with sari material…….

This time I am not beginning with, ‘I bought this material in Kathmandu’ because I didn’t. I bought it in Birmingham, attracted by the idea of making a skirt (or trousers) with a border edge. It was only as I was buying it that I realised it was probably intended for saris.

Then, did I want a long skirt or a short skirt? Well, since it’s made for wearing in India, then maybe long is best. I may chose to shorten it for western wearability later. I’ll be interested to see what the Indian ladies make of the creation.

So the only real challenge was cutting on the weft grain rather than the warp. I admit I aligned on the material pattern rather than trying to find the grain. And I had to cut each piece separately, but that’s not a problem. The pattern has a seam down the front. I’ve managed to line up the pattern horizontally, but maybe not got the best joining point. Hopefully the interest is in the vertical appearance, not the horizontal. Trying to cut the front on a fold would have been quite difficult as the centre does not appear to be on the straight grain…….

Anyway, that’s lot of talk about something probably with limited wearability. We’ll see.

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