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A little adventure with lace

And another story….
I bought the material for the body ages ago, actually with the intention of using it for knickers. Then I decided it was too good for knickers and I could just about get a summer blouse out of it. So plan B was to bind the armholes and neck, possibly with self made bias binding.
The day before I went to Lauren Guthrie’s shop, I was reading her blog about putting lace sleeves onto her latest creation, which was then duly displayed in the shop. ‘Now there’s an idea’, i thought, and headed to the market to find some inexpensive lace.
After which the thought process went a bit wild, and a wee bit beyond the capacity of the original material.
However, after juggling with the basic pattern (with sleeves) to get it out of the original material, designing my own collar pattern for an altered neck line and quite a lot of hand sewing of the lace, this is the result.

It will be comfortable to wear, pops over the head very easily, even though it has a back fastening, hopefully will wash well, it ought to travel well and it will go within all of the holiday trousers and skirts that in have been making over the last couple if weeks.
Some i do not need to buy that vaguely similar blouse that I have seen in Marks and Spencer……..

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This entry was posted on January 26, 2014 by in Fashion.
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