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It’s true – The Afternoon Blouse

Afternoon blouse

Yes, it’s true. The Afternoon Blouse can be made in an afternoon!

This represents me and my sewing really getting into the 21st Century. Not only did I buy the pattern to download (from a designer New Zealand), but I have also had to patch the printed pages together and then trace the pattern. Thinking that process might take longer than the blouse-making afternoon, I was surprised how quick that all was. And of course, if I make myself another one, I have the pattern ready to go. Alternatively, I could trace other sizes for friends.

I also researched a little online, including looking at Pinterest to study other people’s interpretations, and it was a picture of a version with piping that inspired me to add the ric-rac. I also read some pattern reviews and identified that a marker for the point where the facings and fronts all meet would be of use. So I measured and marked every piece before cutting out, and it worked a treat. The join was pretty much right first time. I highly recommend other people to do that if using this pattern. The instructions do tell you where the mark should be.

I wanted something quite plain. I have a lot of patterned tops and therefore there are limits of what will go with what. And with a basically maroon or blue wardrobe, the gold colour should go with either.

The fabric was my retail therapy during the sewing course at Guthrie-Ghani last week, along with the ric-rac, which I have purchased from there before. I bought the button in John Lewis this morning.

I have made whole outfits for £10 before now. This is one of my more expensive makes. What with £7 for the pattern, about £20 for the fabric, and then the ric-rac and button, it must have cost me nearly £30. But if I really do want to think like that, then I can start to discount the pattern if I make another one, and it only takes 3 hours, so the time part of the cost is quite small.

So thanks to for this. I like it. It’s the sort of pattern that I can have some fun with!

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