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Liz’s tunic

Liz's tunic

I did make the free Prima tunic pattern again – and have plans to make it again.

This is Liz’s birthday present. She’s tried it on, so it doesn’t matter if she were to read the blog and find out what she is getting.

It’s velour, so more suited to colder seasonal wear. The fabric is a nice weight for the pattern, and hangs, packs and washes well, but won’t take the iron. Liz will like that! Instead of a final press, I washed it, hoping it would get rid of all of the ‘bits’. I think it did, but I still wouldn’t risk washing it with anything else.

My only concern…… I decided that the fabric design was more suited to cutting across the knit rather than down the grain. I read everything that I could find about cutting knits before I cut, and noted that where there isn’t a lot of stretch, and the weight is right for the pattern, that it probably doesn’t matter how you cut. So what stretch there is, is in the length rather than the width. I noticed it when I was trying to finish the sleeves (with my new twin needle!) round the narrow machine arm. They didn’t stretch very well, but I managed it. Also, the side seems are rolling quite a bit, but I don’t think it matters. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll make her another!

New skills used: strengthening the shoulder seams with tape and the twin needle to finish. I folded once, stitched round using the ruler as a guide and then trimmed to the stitching. Quite a neat result, I thought.

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