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Blue satin Afternoon blouse


I had vague plans for a second Afternoon blouse, and indeed, probably for a third, but my plans didn’t look like this until I was on the market on Saturday morning.

The starting point(s) were the blue shell buttons that I bought for the Jiffy dress. I had 27 left! They would go with turquoise satin, I thought. Then I just took it from there really, day dreaming my way through Saturday evening and early Sunday morning until I had my design.

I don’t think that i have ever done proper piping before; not even in my first sewing lifetime, back in the 70’s. This isn’t actually proper piping cord, as I couldn’t get any on a Sunday morning, but it still does the job. I had the fabric bag out to see what I could use for the binding, and you might recognise the paisley fabric bought in Jodhpur that I used for the Lottie blouse. So maybe this counts as part of the Jodhpur collection. I’m not sure about that yet. Maybe there will be a section called ‘Daughters of the Jodhpur collection’! I had cut and joined the binding, and cut some back ties, as per Jen’s blog update, before breakfast.

I also cut the blouse about an inch longer than the pattern, so that it would look better over trouser or a skirt.

I tacked the piping and the facing separately, meaning I tacked twice round the neck line but it did therefore mean that it all stayed in place when I sewed. My biggest problem was that I felled all of the seams and it was difficult to stitch the seam as it rounds to form the short sleeve. The final result is flat and tidy fabric-wise, but don’t look too closely at the stitching. It was made harder by having ties flapping around, one of which did get stitched into the seam (in the wrong place) first time round.

Now the back tie might look a bit messy if I have tied myself, but I have tried it tied at the front and it looks quite good.

I am also wondering whether add a whole load more buttons all the way down the front, so that it looks more like a front fastening blouse. I still have 24 left. I’m not sure about that one.

I have to say that this may be more of a concept blouse. I’m not sure what I am going to wear it with. White trousers, beige trousers. I don’t wear jeans in the summer….

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