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So I bought Love at First Stitch. I owe a bit of an apology to Tilly because I wrongly assumed that it was primarily aimed at beginners. Eventually I worked on the basis that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, so I did. And actually Mimi was quite difficult to make with both self-made piping and self covered buttons.

I was intrigued by Tilly when she was on GBSB. I loved that paper that she used to model her ideas round the form, and thus generate something close to a 3D pattern from flat paper. I still don’t know what she was using to do it. I must ask Lauren next time I am in the shop. She was sent home much too soon for my liking.

So the book arrived on Friday. I started from the back of the book, and hence came across Mimi and the self covered buttons early on. And I was in town on Saturday morning buying suitably draping, but inexpensive, fabric before 9:30! Like my first Afternoon blouse, I wanted something relatively plain that would go with a lot of other things.

Both the proper piping cord and buttons to cover are from Guthrie-Ghani. I’m getting to rely on Lauren for all things ‘in vogue’.

The piping shows up better in reality than in the photo. This being my second attempt, I am finding it quick and easy to do, but still meticulously tacking it in place.

My blouse only has 5 buttons instead of the recommended 6. This is partly because it actually looks OK with 5, and partly because I mis-shaped what I think was probably my first button, when trying to attach the bottom to the top. It’s not that hard. In fact, once I had applied Tilly’s suggestion to use a thread reel to push it all into place, it worked a treat. I shall be making more self-covered buttons! I find the buttons to be strangely positioned, especially the top one. I re-checked the pattern and they are where it says. I have added a tiny press-stud at the top. On the very positive side, having constantly experienced trouble with my button hole foot, I made 7 successful button holes in a row (or more correctly, in a line!) here – 5 on the blouse and 2 practice ones before I started. That has never happened before. I turned the dial in the other direction to get to the button hole stitch. I can’t believe that has made the difference. I will try it again next time and see what happens.

My only other comment, and I might blog about this separately; it’s a bit big.
I measured and my measurements suggested that I needed to grade up from size 6 to size 7 as I worked my way down the side seam. Which I did. I probably didn’t need to. I have drafted my pattern for my Coco using the same approach. I’m wondering if I need to cut that back to size 6 all the way down as well.

Overall I am pleased ad impressed, and when the weather cools down, this will get lot of wear. Now how often do I right that?

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