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This skirt is in honour of my local fox family. There are at least 6 of them. I frequently see 3 cubs, and sometimes 2 adults at the same time, but one night last week I saw a 6th one out playing, all at the same time. I don’t know what the neighbours think of them, but since wheelie bins replaced plastic rubbish bags, they don’t seem to be causing any trouble, and are rather beautiful creatures.

I found the fabric on Fabric Rehab, from the Wildwood collection by Bethan Janine to celebrate her local foxes in Yorkshire. Although I am Midlands based, the rest of my family are in Yorkshire, so it’s fairly close to home. And my foxes do look like this.

It’s a simple un-lined Butterick skirt pattern with various trimming suggestions. I’ve made it once before but I was cautious about the fit. Learning a lesson from the Jiffy dress from Udaipur cotton, I wanted to line it and have used plain white polycotton. This meant that I could also effectively make an inexpensive toile from the lining. It also meant that I didn’t need to face the waist line, as I did this by attaching the lining. Of course I have used my new overlocker to finish all of the seams and they look great. And I have changed both of the lower threads on the overlocker now. The second time i did have some difficulties but I am fast learning how it is threaded!

I usually hand finish skirt hems, but just this once I machined round the bottom. Tilly does it, so it must be OK! I wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t been crisp cotton. The trimming was a bit of a challenge, as there is no ‘give’ in either the cotton or the trimming, and my first attempt to ‘pin and go’ identified that I had cut the trimming too short. Luckily I had bought lots, so I unpicked and started again, this time with loose ends so that I could adjust the length as necessary and then finish by hand.

So that might be the end of my summer sewing. Everything else in the pile is of a weight for increasingly cooler weather. Hoping that I still manage to get some wear from my foxy skirt  in the next few weeks.

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