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My First Coco


My first Tilly Coco.

I was meant to make it at the knits sewing course back in June, but I didn’t even finish my simple T-shirt, never mind making a dress as well. But the course came with the pattern so I have had a plan to make an Autumn weight Coco ever since. Having used the original material to make the cowl neck suit, to which it was much better suited, I purchased some better quality ponte roma from Minerva fabrics, along with some plain black medium weight jersey for which I now have many more plans.

I didn’t want my Coco to be too casual. I want to be able to wear it for work. In fact, compared to all of the many Coco pictures on the internet, it doesn’t even look much like a Coco. And it looks better on me than on the form.

After some difficulties with sizing some of Tilly’s other patterns, I was a bit concerned about my adjustments to this one having graded it from a size 6 at the bust up to a 7 at the hips. Well it was ok. The other big difference was that I lengthened it by 8cm and did wonder whether that would be enough. It seems to be ok, although I haven’t worn it other than to try on yet. As a result of it being so much longer it loses some of its stand out A line, but gently folds to the hem instead. In my opinion this is better. It will probably look good with a belt too. A black medium weight jersey belt is one thought!

I wanted to make as much as possible of my Coco on my overlocker, having recently changed all of the treads for black instead of the white pre-threaded. It was all so easy! The Coco sewing that is; not changing the overlocker threads. It took me less than 3 hours from starting to cut to completing it. I even sewed the sleeves with my overlocker. So quick and one of the few garments that I own with neatly finished sleeves. Wow!

There’s not much more to say other than that I have plans for a jacket (another) that will compliment the dress, but be much harder to make, and I will make a Coco tunic at some point.

One comment on “My First Coco

  1. luckybearnorfolk
    August 27, 2014

    Very stylish! I have recently made my first Coco too – but in a very casual whimsical helicopter fabric! Love yours though – gives me some new ideas!

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