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Merchant and Mills shirt dress


I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, and finally got round to ordering it just before Christmas. It has the potential to be very versatile, whilst being quick and easy to make at the same time. With some adjustment to the sleeves, it will be made to work around the seasons. I ordered the paper version. The paper is of hefty quality and should endure any multiple traces of a range of sizes, should the need arise.

So this is almost certainly my first version, made from grey striped shirting, with a contrasting bib, edged with lace and decorated with shell buttons, both of which I had ‘in stock’.


I had to stitch the lace to the pleat, as it has a tendency to roll up around the bottom of the curve, but that seems to have fixed it. It’s not very evident from the picture, but I will ensure that the centre bib and middle of the pleat line up next time that I make it. I think that is the only really problem that I had with the dress. I debated a bit about the buttons, but I think they enhance the garment.

The back yoke is also decorated with lace.


In some ways this was intended as a wearable muslin. I have half a plan to shorten it and turn it into a blouse when I get back from Australia, as I think it may be more useful in that form. Meanwhile, it will go to Australia and may be good for internal travelling, as I think it may be a cool outfit that I can comfortably wear when I am carrying my rucksack to and from airports. The only drawback with that plan is that I may well end up wearing my walking boots to travel. Not quite so cool!!

I’ll see how it goes, and then dream up what else I can do with the pattern……. Change the sleeves, add collars, alter the length. Thank you, Merchant and Mills.

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