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Peacock feathers – Another dress for Australia


I’m not sure about this one, which is unusual, as I am usually happy with my ‘makes’.

The back is solidly peacock feather fabric, with a button and loop closure – all very nicely done. But is it a bit bright? Or maybe it is just December weather in the UK which is making the dress seem very unseasonal.

The peacock fabric was bought on a whim, fairly recently, at Fancy Silk Store. I always say that I can’t come out of that shop without purchasing something. I didn’t really know what I was going to make from it, so bought enough for a top.

Then I booked to go to Australia, and suddenly summer sewing is ‘allowed’ again.

Its a very simple pattern, and this is the third time that I have used it. I wear the other two dresses a lot in the summer, as they are very easy to wear. But I correctly suspected that there wasn’t quite enough fabric for a dress. And one reason why i use this pattern is because it requires less fabric than any other dress pattern that I own. Whilst in the ‘dreaming up what I am going to make’ stage, I remembered that I had a bit of Broderie Anglais left in the stash, which would probably make a good bodice top, and a bit of lace bought for the Sorbetto top, and then never used. So all of the parts were assembled on the drawing board, and, at least technically, it would work. Before I got the overlocker, I could make this dress in an afternoon, but this time I had to change the overlocker thread (in about 10 minutes or less, and it all worked first time!!!! I thought I’d cracked it!) and finish everything. So it took a little bit longer, but the finish is much better. Its the first time that I have made a tie belt as per pattern.

But I am not sure that it works on the ‘design’ front. The peacock fabric, whilst good quality, is quite stiff, and maybe this pattern needs a better drape. I have interfaced the neck facing, and you can tell. Perhaps just turning a narrow hem by hand would have been tidier – although it would probably have pulled at the edges. I still wonder about breaking up the expanse of white fabric with some buttons. I have some that would work.

Because it is heavy fabric, it may not travel very well, although it will wash. I will take it to Australia, with or without buttons down the front, and see if I feel like wearing it. It might be cool in the car when I am driving the Great Ocean Road…

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