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Marcy Tilton knit tunic


I don’t need this. I don’t know when I am going to wear it, but I liked the look of the pattern and found some suitable fabric, so here it is! The fabric is from Barry’s, and given that it is a Vogue pattern, the pattern cost more than the fabric! I had to seriously shorten it. I took out a wapping 12cm from the length and about 5cm from the sleeves. Its about right for me I think. You can just see the denim skirt underneath to get an idea. Any longer and it would have been well on the way to being a dress (and a half!) It is split up the longer side.

This is by the same designer as the rather successful draped dress that I completed before Christmas. I like her style.

In principle its easy to make. There are only 4 pattern pieces for this design (there are lots of other pattern pieces for different designs). You cut the front and back from a single layer, and also the sleeves. Yes, I forgot to turn over the pattern piece when I cut the sleeves, but luckily the fabric is very much reversible, so I made the reverse sleeve by turning over the fabric when I noticed that the notches didn’t match up. The fifth piece of the neckband, which is a bit odd. Cut on the straight grain, it has no markings and an indefinite length, so that you can ease the fit yourself, so that it lies flat. I eased it on the dress form, and it is quite flat on the form. It’s not 100% perfect on me, but its OK.

I’m not sure how to wear it. Being long sleeved, it is ‘between seasons’, of which we have quite a lot in the UK! I think I will either wear it without a coat, as a ‘throw on’ in the summer, or under my raincoat, as that is the only coat I can think of that will cover its full length other than my winter coat. I may add a belt from time to time to just cut up the vast expanse of fabric that it is. Maybe the answer is to use multiple fabrics, as suggested in some of the designs. Although my signature butterfly breaks it up a bit, it is only a finishing touch.

And finally, I am having my sewing machine serviced whilst I am away. Although much of this was made on the overlocker (thread change definitely cracked!!), there are some tension issues with the twin needle, which I think a good service will fix. I may undo and hem it again.

2 comments on “Marcy Tilton knit tunic

  1. salpal1
    January 12, 2015

    it looks like it is so elegant and comfortable, I bet you find yourself wearing it more than you think. As for Vogue and length – I have often found that their patterns are HUGE and LONG. But not all the time, have to check before cutting always.

    • ann hebden
      February 18, 2015

      Thank you for your comment. I have just ordered another Marcy Tilton pattern so i’ll see how that one goes. Good luck with your sewing.

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