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A new Katherine Tilton blouse

I remain a fan of Katherine Tilton’s designs and here is another to add to my wardrobe:

This is Butterick 6325, issued quite recently, and made from viscose fabric purchased at Guthrie-Ghani.

All pieces are cut from a single layer, which meant that it was best to try to follow the cutting layout, and that a wide cutting table would have helped! One piece was wider than my table, and I have no intention of returning to the days of cutting on the floor. No thank you! I have dropped hints whilst in Guthrie Ghani that they could rent out their cutting space after hours, but they don’t seem to have taken me up on the idea yet. I’d do it from time to time.


There are 11 pieces, making this relatively simple by Tilton standards, but its still best to follow the instructions, attaching piece 1 to piece 2, and piece 3 to piece 4 and so on….. I don’t free wheel with any Tilton pattern! Having said that, I did go off piste (to mix my metaphors badly) at the end, for the purpose of efficiency using the over-locker to finish seams, but by that stage I could see where the work was going, and could pre-prepare the sleeves and right hand sections ahead of their time.

The blouse features a pleated collar, as seen above, large pleats in both sides of the front, and an added section on the right hand side, which is stitched under the right hand front and back sections. Its not difficult to do, but you do need to mark the fabric carefully, and keep checking the diagrams and pictures. It works, exactly as shown, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

And as you can see, it hangs beautifully in this fabric.  I tacked a lot of seams in order to keep them in place, and the effort was worthwhile.

The pattern comes in two lengths, and this is the shorter version. I am pretty average height, and this comes significantly below waist / hip level. I don’t think that the longer length would work for me, as it would clearly be a blouse, but sitting somewhere near dress length. I think you need to be quite tall to take the longer version.

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