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I’m on a roll….. As I said in my last post, Gertie’s sweetheart top and the cigarette pants were made as wearable toiles, but actually, I think I prefer the originals to the next set, below, which were completed only a few days later. (Yes, I will soon have to stop saying that my blog appearances are rare, as here I am again.)


The trousers are stretch denim, straight from the template pattern. The primary difference is that they have a self constructed waistband, whereas the blue ones use a the facings provided with the pattern. They appear to be slightly looser than the blue ones, but they still stay up well, and don’t fold around my tummy, which is what I needed to achieve. I didn’t interface the waistband – maybe I should have done, and I might yet unpick and do so. Alternatively, when the picture was taken I had been wearing them all day, so the fabric will have stretched a bit, whereas the blue ones were straight out of the wash at the time that they were photographed. Both sets of denim cost about the same, although the brown must have been slightly narrower, as I could only just get them out of 1.7m. This was bought on Birmingham market.

The sweetheart top fabric, on the other hand,  came from Guthrie Ghani and cost twice as much as the grey in the first version. It is a silk / modal mix. (Actually mine is Plum, not Aubergine – they must have sold out of plum now.) It feels lovely, but is a bit thinner than the other version and seems to be less forgiving on the curves. I lengthened the sleeves on this one, hoping to get wider seasonal use. The other reason why it may be less forgiving, is that, in a switched off moment, I cut it across the grain, rather than along the grain. Now there is nothing really wrong with that on two way stretch fabric, and I have at least two other garments which are deliberately cut across the grain. And indeed, you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you. I actually knew before I cut, but went ahead anyway. Having said all that, its still very nice to wear.

Since I finished the first set, I have worn nothing but one or other of these outfits.


And a third pair of trousers is on the way, along with a bit of a story. Based on the comments above, I think I will finish them with a facing and not a waistband. They will have very little stretch though…..


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