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‘Me Made’ in May

Here is my completed summary of Me Made May.

I meant to type the most recent entry at the top of the blog, but got carried away in date order on a couple of occasions, and now it is a mess. WordPress tools don’t seem to be very accommodating of a need to cut and paste. Sorry – bear with me please, and thank you for reading this!

Its been a strange month, when more than once I decided what to wear in the morning and found it be inappropriate for the weather as the day progressed, and so changed clothes. Thus, I ended up with lots of ‘half worn’ clothes that weren’t really ready for the wash yet, and thus they hung around my room waiting for the next appropriate occasion to wear.

Although I haven’t specifically mentioned it every day, I think that I managed to wear ‘Me Made’ night wear throughout the month.

31st May

I spent the last 4 days of the month walking in Devon / Somerset, sometimes in quite hot conditions. In order to comply with Me Made May, I took handmade cotton t-shirts, BUT, they are not wickable, and they weren’t really the best things to be wearing at the time. Maybe I could make some wickable t-shirts, you might be thinking, but I think I already have 4, so I don’t really need any more. Last year I excused myself from Me Made whilst I was away walking. Maybe I should do the same again next year….. as I do often go away walking at the end of May.

Anyway, it had cooled down a little by 31st, so I wore my blue denim trousers, smiley t-shirt and my grey jacket, which has been rolled up in my rucksack on the hotter days!

30th May

What I call my shamrock t-shirt, which is pictures elsewhere, and my white seersucker blouse, although I had to roll up the sleeves as it was still really too hot for a long sleeved top…..


May 29th

I walked a long way today….. I wore this top for the second time because I knew it and I would end up hot and, well, you know what’.  That’s it. I cant wear it any more, and I only have one more t-shirt in my bag.

Paint striped jersey t-shirt

Paint striped jersey t-shirt

May 28th

Travelling down to a walking weekend in Devon, I wore the t-shirt above and my blue denim trousers, which I seem to have worn a lot in May!

May 27th

I can wear my denim skirt again today. It’s been lurking in my room for a few days now… along with the aubergine sweetheart t-shirt.

May 26th

A chance to get a few more spring work clothes out of the wardrobe, and wear them with my new linen skirt.

May 25th

Its cooler today and I worn my new Japanese top along with my beige linen trousers.

May 24th

I was wearing the beige linen trousers again, so clearly they have been a useful make, along with the new Marcy Tilton top, which is pictured elsewhere.

Apologies for the lack of continuity, but please carry on reading….

16th May

I don’t wear this very often either.

Batik top with rolled hem

Batik top with rolled hem

May 17th

What a comfy day’s clothing! My new Marcy Tilton outfit. I haven’t blogged the trousers yet….



May 18th

I do like this top. I’m quite surprised that I haven’t worn it earlier in the month.

Zip fronted blouse

Zip fronted blouse

19th May

I started off wearing my second Moneta, but then I decided to cut the grass, and it had cooled down, as it does these days, so I changed into the shamrock t-shirt.

20th May

Another day when I got up with greater hopes for the weather than turned out to be the case. I paired the shamrock t-shirt above with my denim skirt,

???????????????????????????????but as it proved to be cooler than I expected, I changed into my blue denim trousers and added my waterfall cardi, both of which are becoming much worn, and are pictured elsewhere.

21st May

A rather special day as it is the Simplicity Bloggers Meet Up in Manchester, so it matters what I wear today. This is what I chose to wear, and here I am with May Martin, in my Katherine Tilton blouse and black linen trousers.


22nd May

With my family on Leeds, and wanting to feel comfy, so I wore the black linen trousers again and the new Marcy Tilton top, but changed into the purple Moneta when we went for lunch, along with the brown ‘matching cardi’ when I walked to the restaurant – all of which are pictured elsewhere.

23rd May

I haven’t worked since Christmas, which was partially planned, but is getting silly now….., so I have a load of spring work clothes that haven’t been worn this year. So I am wearing one of them today.

Paul Smith blouse with tucks

Paul Smith blouse with tucks

It featured briefly in the picture of my ‘Hanoi’ collection trousers.

And now we are back to the start of the blog on 1st May – please read on if you haven’t already read about the first two weeks.

1st May

Last year I excluded any day when I was out ‘hill walking’ or coastal walking, from my commitment, because I haven’t ‘Me Made’ any specialist clothing that give me protection in adverse conditions. As it happens, the Bank Holiday was decent weather and I was able to use Me Made clothes last year. So this year I didn’t make any exclusions, and ended up wearing a whole load of Me Made today….

Blue denim trousers, purple and brown raglan sleeved top, zip up jersey jacket, and later on, Liberty jersey top and brown cardi.

2nd May

I started with just the new grey smiley t-shirt. But then I was contemplating cutting out some more wide legged trousers, so wore the original pair for a while to check the fit, and decide how they would work with a different fabric. But it was a bit cold, so I changed into RTW jeans, adding my black cardi for warmth.

3rd May

A bit of a ‘chores day’ but beginning to warm up. Liberty top (again), colour blocked skirt (which doesn’t get worn much) and black cardi, because it’s not quite that warm yet.


4th May

Prima pattern jersey dress, with waterfall cardi when I went out. Executive nightdress in bed.

5th May

The first Moneta, initially with waterfall cardi when I went out, but actually its now quite warm outside, so changed to spotted cotton jacket when I went out a second time. First time most of these things have been out this year.

6th May

I used my new summer dressing gown around the house this morning. Started off by wearing my red GBSB shift dress for most of the day, but as I am at the point of regularly trying on the wide legged trousers that I am making, I eventually changed into my brown denim trousers and blue paint striped T-shirt. Wore my new summer nightdress for the first time to bed.

7th May

It’s warm today. I went out in my chambray skirt and white ‘twin set’, and noted that I was the only person that I saw in town wearing a shorter skirt, although several men were in shorts. The plan was to go out for a walk in the evening, so I changed into my wide legged trousers.

8th May

A bit of a chores day, including some gardening. So during the course of the day I wore my chambray skirt, the blue paint t-shirt and then curled up in my wide legged trousers later in the day.

Second t-shirt

9th May

Got up thinking it was warm again, and wore Nepal summer dress initially, but it’s not that warm yet…. So I wore my wide legged trousers again (I do like them, but they are in the wash now, and it’s raining) and my blue jersey top, which is a slightly strange design, but lovely fabric to wear.

10th May

So what’s the weather doing today? It definitely cooler and has been raining, So I am wearing my new wide legged linen trousers  and Prima lacy black tunic.


11th May

I’m loving these new linen trousers, so I wore them again with the original Rachel Comery blouse, which I wore quite a lot this time last year as well.

Rachel Comery blouse

Rachel Comery blouse

12 May

A very summery day, so this dress came out again. Later I went to an outdoor event in the evening, so I changed to wide legged trousers (not me-made), the blue jersey top and the waterfall cardi, again.

13th May

Forgot to mention that I wore yet more spring me-made nightwear last night….

Pink gingham PJs

Pink gingham PJs

During the day I wore this outfit, briefly adding my Katherine Tilton ponte jacket when I went to collect a friend at the station. The jacket has been much worn in previous years, but less so this year.

14th May

A bit of an orange day, wearing two items that pre-date the blog, with my blue denim trousers (above), and an orange RTW T-shirt, which I have had for years.

The orange jacket is from fabric purchased at the NEC show 3-4 years back, and the waterfall cardi was one of the first things that I made when I bought my machine, 6 years ago. It doesn’t get worn a lot, as I don’t have ‘orange days’ all that often! These pictures were taken the next day, so feature the shirt dress.

The orange cardie is limited in its wearability because I trimmed it with some beige broderie anglais. It would be better and quite trendy, if I could find some orange bobbles to trim it instead. I will just cut off the existing trim and add the bobbles to a slightly shorter garment. But after quite a bit of hunting, I haven’t found anything in Birmingham (or Liverpool) yet, even in the extensive range of trimming available on the market.

Thanks to Me-Made-May for making me get these two items out of my wardrobe.

15th May

Out for Sunday lunch today at a country pub. So I wore my new shift dress for only the second time.


The end! That should have covered every day in one way or another.

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