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Oliver & S Playtime leggings

Many thanks to Janet at DIY Wardrobe for this recommendation.

At the end of my post about the Geranium dress, I asked for recommendations for a leggings pattern that would be similarly multi-sized and could be used to make matching or contrasting leggings for all of the dresses and tops that I have in mind. Janet recommended the leggings pattern from Oliver & S.

It’s PDF only, which means it took me all of about 5 minutes to acquire it, and probably also get it printed out. There was however, something of a longer pause for thought before I bought it……. One pattern piece, for around £6! This is when I seriously wish that I had drafting and grading skills. Was it really worth the money for one pattern piece?

But I don’t have drafting and grading skills, and I also don’t have the baby anywhere to hand to try drawing round her! Imagine!! And I have wanted a simple leggings pattern almost since she was born. So a £6 pattern piece it is, then. To be used on countless occasions for 5 years. The average price will be small.


One pair of leggings and one pattern piece

I already had some pale, goes with anything, jersey from B&M Fabrics in Leeds, ready and waiting.

I think it did take me longer to get out both my machine and overlocker, and change the thread on both, than it did to make the leggings (I can change overlocker thread pretty quickly now – tie 4 knots and pull. Test. Done!) As is often the case, I checked the instructions once I had finished making the garment. And I had made them in a different order, which I recommend to you.

  1. Finish the bottom of the legs
  2. Sew the inside seams
  3. Turn one leg inside out, and put it, rights sides together, inside the other leg. Sew crotch.
  4. Make casing at the top. Insert elastic, Sew the gap. Done.

Quicker than writing up this blog post as well!

They look a bit long. That’s better than being short. They can either be turned up, or shortened. I haven’t seen littl’un for over a month, so maybe she has quite long legs now. The smallest size is 6 months, and she is only 3 1/2 months at the moment. I’m keen to see how well they fit. I will update you when baby and leggings meet, which might not be for a week or so…… and with permission from Mum, may even provide a photo of baby.

One comment on “Oliver & S Playtime leggings

  1. Janet
    August 29, 2017

    These look great – I hope they fit and that you get your money’s worth out of the pattern as she grows 😀

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