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Geranium – Made by Rae

My little great niece has already outgrown the first set of clothes that I made for her from a ‘new born’ Butterick pattern. I am so aware that a lot of the lovely clothes that she has will only be worn a few times before she is ready for the next size.

So Geranium is a revelation. I was made aware of it by ‘So Zo’ whose blog I follow, with even more interest now that I too make baby clothes. Not only does Geranium go up in increments to 2 years, but it carries on up to 5 years old. And even better, and thanks to Guthrie Ghani for telling me this, it also comes with an Expansion Pack that you can buy online.

I havent fully studied all of the extensions yet, but they include flat sleeves, puff sleeves, collars, hem bands and bows. You can make a dress or a top – Endless possibilities for up to 5 years. What’s not to like?

So the first thing that I did was to make something a bit ‘off pattern’. It’s designed for wovens, so I used a stable knit, and I did not line the bodice. (Didn’t I just write something similar in my last blog post? It’s getting to be a habit!)

I don’t think that I blogged the pink elephant dress. I was quite prolific with baby clothes making just after she was born, so I didn’t always take photos before starting the next outfits, and then taking or sending them to Leeds. Anyway, I had some fabric left, so as soon as she grows out of the first dress, she will have her first Geranium waiting for her!

Geranium back view

Geranium front view

With no baby to model the dress, and no mini dress form, the only way I could think of getting a reasonable photo was by pegging it on the line!



Having opted for an unlined bodice, I finished the neck with stretch bias binding, and of course, the sleeves finish the arm holes. Using bias binding on such a small neckline is a bit risky, and took a lot of work with the iron and a tailors ham, but I think I have managed to get a neat finish. The pattern suggests buttons at the back, but now that I have my coloured Prym snaps, I will be using them all over the place. I’ve got the hang of it now; they are very easy to apply.

Version 2 was made the next day, in the same size but with 3/4 sleeves, also using up a metre of fabric from which I made ‘new born’ clothes earlier on.


Version 2 – a Geranium top


I have an idea for version 3, this time from a woven fabric, possibly a light weight chambray, bearing in mind that we are heading for Autumn now, so I could be looking at a long sleeved version, lined, and, maybe with a collar. What fun!

Now seriously, what I really need is a similar multi sized pattern for matching, or at least contrasting, leggings. Any recommendations?

2 comments on “Geranium – Made by Rae

  1. Janet
    August 21, 2017

    This is impossibly cute – I love the elephants. For leggings, you could try the Oliver + S playtime leggings?

    • ann hebden
      August 22, 2017

      Thanks for your kind comment Janet. I’ll take a look at Oliver and S.

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