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Vogue 9284, Step 8. Make any necessary fit alterations!

Trousers! So great to wear, but so hard to get right.

Actually, if you go back as far as the ’60s, do you remember the word ‘slacks’? I haven’t heard anybody use that word for decades, but this pattern is what slacks used to be….. They just need the strap under foot, and they’d be perfect!

In fact, I was torn between the two Tilton sisters.


The first pattern that I got was Katherine’s B6461, free with Issue 47 of Love Sewing. It has a yoke waist, and knee tucks, but otherwise they are quite similar. On the same day Sew Today arrived, including Marcy’s version of something similar, which looked a tad more straightforward in terms of fitting options, so I chose Marcy over Katherine.

I chose inexpensive black ponte from Barry’s, partly because the resulting ‘slacks’ would go with most things, and hopefully I’d have a wearable toile, after adjustment!

I measured again and again. Blimey, am I really that size now? Answer, no! I’ve generally disagreed with the many comments about there being too much ease in McCalls Company patterns, but I do like a bit of ease. I can remember the ’60s after all!

Goodness knows what size I ended up with, but I shaved 3.5cm off each side seam – 14cm in total, round the hips, tapering to the foot on the first shave, and the knee seam on the second shave.


Adjusting as necessary!



I could maybe take more out of the legs, but its not easy adjusting trousers on your own, so I left them at that. They would be quite good for some spring walking, and a bit of ease is a good thing in walking trousers. They will also be comfortable on days working at home, which is most days.

I made most of them on the overlocker, but stitched adjustable seams with a machine tack before trying on. Then I trimmed them . Then I trimmed them again. Then I overlocked the adjusted seams. For the waist band I attached the elastic on the overlocker and then used a decorative zigzag stretch stitch to finish both the waistband and hems. This will make any subsequent decisions to alter them again, rather difficult. I was aware of that when I did it. But the finish looks great!

In terms of length, they were almost perfect straight off the pattern. So be warned, because I am 163cm tall, which is ‘about average’. The pattern picture does show them hanging a little above the ankle, but that’s probably only about 3 – 4 cm above where mine hit.

I’ve compared the sizes on V9284 with those on B6461, and they look pretty similar. So if I decide to cut B6461, which I might, what size shall I cut???? Not sure. More adjustment, although the yoke will be harder to adjust.

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