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The Halifax Hoodie

This is sort of a birthday present to myself, in as much as I bought to pattern and fabric on my birthday. I tried to take the day off work, but it didnt really work out. Hence, it’s taken until a snowy weekend in March to make the hoodie, and, thinking the need for a new fleece this year had probably passed, here I am wearing it almost straight off the ironing board.

I have a similar pattern fromMcCalls, which I have used three times, but not with the funnel neck. I don’t know anything about Hey June, and particularly why it’s called the Halifax Hoodie, but I’m guessing that June lives in the Canadian version of Halifax. A good Yorkshire name is what attracted me!

I don’t really like PDFs apart from the fact that an electronic version arrives instantly. But it’s not usable until you have printed pages and pages of instructions and pattern, and stuck them all together. At least it was a gentle way back into sewing after my recent break.

A couple of gripes, if I may. Sleeves should not be symmetrical. The back should have more ease than the front. You can tell if you know what you are looking for. And , as with some other independent pattern makers, there are very few markings on the pattern. Much fitting relies on finding the centre of the pattern piece and the easing into place, especially the funnel. I mean, it works, but I expect more from a professional pattern.

Having said all that, the whole thing is quite easy, and only took me a morning to cut out and make. But this is two patterns in a row that come out of a single layer of fabric. Back to the lounge floor again! Although I worked out my own layout, mainly from folding the fabric into the centre. I probably used more than the yardage, but as a I got a roll end, with the last 50 cm costing me £1, I had plenty of fabric to play with.

I cut between two sizes, and it has all fitted together OK. The sleeves are a bit shorter than I would like them, basically because I shortened them by too much! There are some advantages – if am doing anything with water, the sleeves do not get wet. I have one or two garments that is take off to wash up, as the sleeves get very wet. If necessary, I can make some slighter longer cuffs to lengthen the sleeves. I have sufficient fabric.

Major seams were sewn straight on the overlocker, including setting in the sleeves. Anything circular, I stitched on the sewing machine and then finished on the overlocker. There are four layers of fleece where the pocket joins to the waist band, and the machine and overlocker coped with them all!

I was planning to add a drawstring, but had real trouble with getting a button hole sewn with the fleece. Good thing I always test button holes first.  The interfacing, which is in place, might have made a difference, but, to be honest, I didnt know what I was going to use for a drawstring, so no drawstring seems like a good option now.

It works well in fleece; the funnel holds up well. I’m not sure how well it would work in a more stretchy fabric. Ponte would probably be ok, but anything more lightweight probably wouldn’t hold up.

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to get much wear from this this year. Hopefully I can put it away for next year in a couple of days, although  I had thought I might wear it for a bit of walking at Easter. With gloves, to keep my wrists warm!

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