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Me Made May 19

Me Made May 19

I’m pleased to be able to commit to Me Made May this year. I didn’t last year. May was an awful month in a fairly awful year.

I do ‘Me Made’ almost every day anyway, inspired by the first time I came across Me Made May, however many years ago. In fact, I occasionally have ‘Bought Days’ when I look at the few RTW garments in my wardrobe and deliberately wear them! So that won’t be happening in May 2019. I usually make an exception for days when I am out country walking. All of my walking kit is bought, years ago, and refuses to wear out and need a Me Made replacement. And it’s important to wear wickable, waterproof, breathable and so on when I am out walking, so I just stick to the ‘bought kit’. Anyway, sort of sadly, I may not be out walking this May.

My wardrobes are stuffed full of clothes, and whilst I didn’t sew much last year, its good news that I have started again. Or is it?

Summer wardrobe

May is a good time to make an assessment of a range of weights of clothes. I sometimes wonder whether that is why May was chosen as Me Made month, or it was chosen just for its alliterative qualities. So my objective is to make an assessment at the end of the month, with the possibility of clearing out quite a bit of stuff to the charity shop.

I have started off with a May staple – my original Moneta. The original and no 2 come out regularly at this time of year and will both survive the cull.


First Moneta

Day 2 is interesting. I am wearing some recently made wide-legged trousers. In fact I have made two pairs recently from a Vogue pattern and the Maker’s Atelier wide legged trousers. They seem to be all the rage in the sewing magazines, but I don’t see any out there in the real world. I was in London earlier in the week and made a deliberate attempt to look for wide legged trousers, and I hardly saw any. As a teenager of the 70’s (Yes, really) I grew up in them, and they are really comfy, and far easier to fit than slim leg trousers. So I could ask ‘what’s not to like?’ But there are many in the world who still prefer slimmer trousers, and may not like.

And all sleep wear is Me Made, and will continue to be so throughout the month.

So, that’s a starter for 31 (days). I’m not going to do a daily roll call or update, but I will blog as my assessment gets clearer.


3 comments on “Me Made May 19

  1. Barbara
    May 2, 2019

    Wide leg trousers may look glamorous and be easier to fit but it harder to ride a bike, run for a bus or not get the flapping legs caught in a closing tube train door. That is probably why you don’t see many in London. Have a Merry Making May.

    • ann hebden
      May 2, 2019

      There don’t seem to be all that many in Birmingham either, and we don’t have tube trains doors to contend with…… I will take care not to trap them in the car door. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Barbara
    May 2, 2019

    I didn’t finish my comment! I would like to make my own hiking wear because I cannot get any that really fits and is in acceptable colours for bird and animal watching. The makers seem to assume that, if you are hiking, you must have broad shoulders, long arms and a waist over 25″ . There do seem to be a couple of companies that deal in outdoor clothing fabrics that I could order by email but I like to actually see and feel a fabric first. I have one pair of trousers that are the best fit of the three hiking pairs I own but, since I wear them most and they are over 10 years old(and look most disreputable) I might have to risk buying on-line.

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