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Laughing llama

And so to the next in the series of felt animals associated with holidays! A series that I never knew I was going to write!

And if it’s associated with my next holiday, it probably isn’t a llama at all, but either a guanaco, or a vicuna (sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have Spanish punctuation, I know that there should be some), as they seem to be the family members that dwell further south in south America.


The intention is to hang them on rucksacks. It’s a silly little pattern really that was free from Sew magazine. In fact, I pretty much stopped buying Sew magazine because of ‘the silly little patterns’, but I will humbly admit that I have made a few of them… the most recent being the adaptation of an elephant to be a rhino, as you do!

And just as I made the first one, I spotted Laughing Llama sauvignon blanc in the supermarket, from my favourite regional source of wine, Chile.

What I am really pleased about with regard to making these animals, is that I had all of the supplies in the house already, and never knew that either…

  • Multi-coloured felt – tick
  • Some light-weight twine stuff – didn’t know I had any – probably rather old – tick
  • Best of all, embroidery thread, which I knew I had. It was in an old ‘Schofields of Sheffield’ bag, including the receipt, which I love – dated 7th December 1978 – big tick!

In fact, I probably have enough supplies to make a whole farmyard of them! Or to attach to many bottles of wine…. The next thing I knew, there were two of them.


What’s also nice, is that this is totally hand sewing, which makes a pleasant change.

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