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Little girl’s dress

Another Geranium, this time in size T4, and she is only 2 1/2 years old. Actually, I think this will be too big for her, but that’s fine; she can grow into it.


I think I have reached the point where I need to use zips to fasten this pattern. The back seam is open too far down and has ended up a bit messy. Solution: Despite this being the A line version, I have used 4 poppers; three on the bodice and then I added one to the skirt. I also hand stitched the bottom of the back opening up a little – maybe 3 – 4 cm.

I think she will be able to take it on and off without a problem, and the back won’t be showing any underwear.


I’ve had the fabric for a while. It came from Barry’s in Birmingham. It won’t be all that long before I can’t get a Geranium dress out of a random metre of fabric! This fabric is great for a little girl, but presents a challenge in terms of what colour thread to use, as wherever you stitch, it will be crossing black, white and pink fabric. Both the neckline and sleeves are finished by hand, but I machine stitched the hem.

I don’t line stretch versions. I finish them with stretch bias binding from Minerva Crafts. I haven’t found anywhere else that sells it!

Having said all of that, I think that once she is wearing it, and careering around home or nursery, no-one but me will notice the flaws! It’s often that way isn’t it?

More stretch versions to come I think, fastened with zips!

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