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ABC fabric

I acquired this fabric at #SewBrum 19 from the fabric swap. Many thanks to whoever brought it along. There were a good couple of metres, and I have been able to get 3 garments out of it.

I was delighted at Christmas when ‘Littl’un’ was reading the fabric!

The resulting garments aren’t totally free, as I bought a pattern specially. Kwik Sew 3150. I’ve needed a child’s hoodie pattern for a while, so now I have a practical hoodie, sweatshirt and trousers pattern, at least for a couple of years until she grows out of it. 40% off at Abakhan, Manchester; not a shop that I had visited before.

The trousers are not from this pattern. They are the bottom part of the TopKnot romper. I’ve had the pattern for a while, but not used it until now. Luckily they are too big, so at least I have a bit of an idea where I am size-wise with the pattern. They’ll be fine next year. They’ll be great for nursery. Her Mother asked me not to make a play suit until she could dress herself. Makes sense!

The sweatshirt, which was the 3rd garment that I made, mainly because I had sufficient fabric left, is one of my favourite makes. It only took round about 2 hours, using the overlocker, and tacking the ribbing carefully to the ABC fabric before sewing in place. I had to go out (to Barry’s, which is conveniently about 10 mins drive away..) to get some ribbing. The choice wasn’t great, but I love the sparkly blue. I turns a uni-sex pattern into a little girl’s sweatshirt. And of course I had enough for another sweatshirt, so I found some left over bits of grey ponte, and she has another sweatshirt! The ideas never end, do they?

Grey jumper

If you know who brought the ABC fabric to SewBrum 19, please thank them and refer them to this blog post! Many thanks again.

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