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Walking gear

Every May, when Me Made May happens, I commit to wearing something ‘me made’ every day unless I am going out walking, as I have sufficient walking gear without making anymore. Until now! I was going on a two week walking holiday in Portugal, next week, but of course it’s been cancelled. That meant walking for 10 days in ‘upper teens’ temperatures, when I only own two long sleeved walking tops. I own quite a few short sleeved tops. Whilst they wash and dry easily, it would have meant regular washing and drying, so I reckoned I could justify breaking out into the world of sewing specialised walking gear using wickable fabric.

Luckily Barry’s has a wide range of specialised stretch fabric (and a little car park – I think that is one of the reasons that I keep going there…). I started by buying the purple fabric. ‘It’s £8.95 a metre. Are you sure it’s what you want?’ Me: ‘Yes, please!’.

I think these are my 9th and 10th Grainline Studio Lark T-shirts. I can definitely think of 8, but I may have missed one or two. Some are t-shirts; some are jumpers; some are night wear, and now some are walking gear. And I really didn’t need the pattern when I first bought it! Oh yes, I did. It might be my most used pattern.

I deliberately used the crew neckline in order to ensure that the upper strap on my rucksack was against fabric and not my skin. Whilst it is my  least favourite neckline, it was necessary here.


So I made the purple one, quite quickly. And had enough fabric left to make another set of long sleeves. So my car was quickly back in Barry’s little car park, getting some contrast fabric for the body of another top.

And I also managed to squeeze out a little t-shirt and leggings set for my great niece to wear at trampolining or any other boisterous activity that a 3 year old might chose to undertake. She tried them on as soon as they arrived in the post.

And now that I have a new-found photo place in my front bedroom, I took a couple of shots of my most recent M6614 hoodie, which is also intended to be part of my walking gear. This did at least make it on holiday last Autumn….. and will come with me whenever the 2020 trips can be re-scheduled. A quick look at the new SewDirect website suggests that the pattern is no longer available, but there are loads of other hoodie patterns on the market.

So now I have no excuse for not doing ‘me made’ every day in May in future, although I suspect that my walking holiday booked for May will also be cancelled!

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