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Faux suede jacket

V9246 came free with Love Sewing a while ago. I kept it, thinking that some of the ‘Five Easy Pieces’ might come in useful, and have had my eye on the jacket, particularly since I saw the  faux suede fabric in Fancy Silk Store.


It’s polyester and washes fine, although I have not touched it directly with the iron, and even after two lengthy afternoons working with it, I’m still not sure whether it is woven or knitted. I presume it’s woven, but after a few problems with the thread and a bad session of skipped stitches, I did begin to wonder if it was knitted. At which point, I couldn’t tell!! It didn’t appear to fray, but it did shed a few bits. I finished it on the overlocker regardless, if only because some of the insides of the jacket might occasionally show. Hand stitching the inside yoke was quite hard work.

The fabric and the design do work well together. But where I had expected an easy and quick make (I quote the pattern when I say ‘Five Easy Pieces’), it wasn’t that quick.

The design is casual, and designed to make up very slightly short. I debated several amendments to the pattern instructions, but ended up making it as per the instructions.  I cut 6.5cm off the sleeves, which is round about normal for me.

I have a preference for lining jackets, but this one, being casual and required to drape appropriately, I didn’t line. It could be done, and indeed, would solve the matter of a few of the ‘facing seams’ inside the sleeve being left to hang loose. They may or may not require an odd stitch here and there. Time will tell.

There is no interfacing in the garment. My fabric has quite a lot of body and will work well without any form of support. Interfacing might ruin the hang of the garment; or alternatively, it might be required to support a flimsier fabric.

Would I lengthen it if I did it again? I probably wont do it again! I have loads of jackets, some of which don’t get worn very often. This does provide some warmth, and will serve as an indoor garment in the winter, and outdoor garment, on a cooler summer day.

But whilst there will be no more jackets from this pattern, I might have a go at the trousers sometime. They do look easy.

A few words about the other garments that I am wearing in my newly identified ‘self picture’ location. The blouse is the Grainline Studio Archer, made from block printed cotton that I brought back from India ( and so almost certainly unique) and the trousers are the Maker’s Atelier wide legged trousers with an elastic waist, made from really nice ponte roma bought at Fabworks Mill during one of my recent visits to Yorkshire.


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